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If you want the absolute best vehicle protection, a Ceramic Pro coating is the best choice.

Ceramic Pro is a trusted manufacturer of automotive protective products, and it’s well-known to those who are familiar with the industry. The company makes incredible products that coat the exterior of a vehicle to create a waterproof shield. Only a handful of shops in the Garden Grove, California area are authorized to install Ceramic Pro products, and Rodz Tint Shop is one of them. If you want the absolute best for your vehicle when it comes to protection, a Ceramic Pro coating is the best choice.

Ceramic Pro in Garden Grove, California

We can install Ceramic Pro coatings on all makes and models. We specialize in service on Teslas and other high-end models, but we’re able to work on just about any vehicle on the road. When we install a Ceramic Pro coating on the exterior of your ride, you’ll be able to enjoy several key benefits. The first is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is protected from paint damage, scratches, and dings. Another benefit is the ability to keep your car cleaner. Water will bead up on the hydrophobic coating, which means you’ll spend less time washing and drying your vehicle.

When properly cured, a Ceramic Pro coating has a measured hardness above 9H, which is substantially higher than the hardness rating of a normal clear protective coating of 2H to 4H. The products from this line are the hardest paint coatings available on the market today, preserving your paint job and protecting your vehicle’s exterior from everyday driving hazards. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a Ceramic Pro coating on your ride, contact us today.

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