Ceramic Pro 9H, Irvine, CA

Ceramic Pro 9H is the protective coating you need to prevent damage to your beloved vehicle.

If you’re familiar with ceramic coating products for automotive use, you’ve probably heard of Ceramic Pro, a leading provider of these products in the high-end vehicle market. The company’s flagship product for vehicle exteriors is Ceramic Pro 9H, which provides a permanent protective coating that protects against rock chips, oxidation, dirt, small scratches, insects, bird droppings, and road salt. A driver can encounter any of these issues when driving around or when their vehicle is parked, leaving behind damage that can make the exterior of the car less appealing. By having a coating of Ceramic Pro 9H applied, you can reduce the risk of this type of damage and keep your car looking great.

Ceramic Pro 9H in Irvine, California

The properties of the Ceramic Pro 9H product allow it to resist scratches, UV rays, chemicals, corrosion, oxidation, and heat damage. Additionally, a surface that has this material applied to it will stay clean longer, thanks to the hydrophobic quality of the product and the smoothness that it leaves behind. Ceramic Pro has worked diligently on the formulation, producing a multi-layered product that can be applied in varying thicknesses to enhance its scratch resistance.

If you’re in or around the Irvine, California area, bring your ride into Rodz Tint Shop for a coating of this high-end and very effective product. Ceramic Pro 9H is the protective coating you need to prevent damage to your beloved vehicle. We can apply it to all makes and models to provide enhanced protection against the effects of the climate conditions and potentially damaging debris on the road.

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