Ceramic Pro Plastic, Irvine, CA

Ceramic Pro Plastic provides an attractive sheen while protecting the plastic and rubber in your vehicle.

Today’s vehicles have several plastic and rubber components that can sometimes serve as the weak link when it comes to getting a long life from your vehicle. As such, they need to have exceptional protection so they are not easily damaged by UV rays and general use. At Rodz Tint Shop, we can expertly apply Ceramic Pro Plastic on the interior and exterior plastic and rubber surfaces of your car as a permanent protective finish.

Ceramic Pro Plastic in Irvine, California

Not only does Ceramic Pro Plastic provide an attractive moderate sheen, but it also makes these surfaces easy to clean and more durable through wear resistance. It also provides a hydrophobic effect so water doesn’t take its toll. In addition, Ceramic Pro Plastic blocks ultraviolet rays that are particularly damaging to plastic and rubber materials.

We can apply Ceramic Pro Plastic to plastic and rubber inside your vehicle and on its exterior so you gain the ultimate protection for your vehicle. We offer their full line of products so that other components, including the paint, vinyl, leather, and glass can enjoy the same protection. We are happy to give you a quote for individual product applications or a full package that can save you money.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can make your vehicle look great as you cruise the Irvine, California highways and protect your car for a better resale value. We guarantee professionalism in everything we do and always make our best efforts to keep our customers satisfied.

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