Ceramic Pro Rain, Irvine, CA

Ceramic Pro Rain was formulated to provide a variety of benefits for the windows of your vehicle.

At Rodz Tint Shop, we are very impressed with the exceptional line of automotive protection products from Ceramic Pro. There is a product for every part of your vehicle so you can rest assured that you are driving around Irvine, California with as much protection against the elements, road grime, and contaminants as possible. While a car’s paint is high on the list of things that need protection, you should also consider protecting the glass, and that is where Ceramic Pro Rain comes in.

Ceramic Pro Rain in Irvine, California

Ceramic Pro Rain was formulated for the windows of your vehicle and provides a variety of benefits, including anti-icing, improved wear resistance, filling of swirl marks and scratches, added durability, keeping the glass cleaner, and allowing rain to roll off it, thanks to a super-hydrophobic effect. Many report that this benefit is so effective that you rarely need to operate the wipers! If you are someone who hates dirty windows, you are going to love Ceramic Pro Rain.

We have the expertise to properly apply Ceramic Pro Rain to your vehicle’s windows, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for up to a year of normal use. Just come back when you notice it isn’t being quite as effective, and we can apply the product again. Nothing beats the unmatched protection of Ceramic Pro products, and we are happy to talk to you about what you can expect from any of the vehicle protective coatings that we have to offer. Reach out today to learn more.

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