Ceramic Pro Light, Newport Beach, CA

The properties of Ceramic Pro Light help to improve the shine and depth of the color on your car.

Protecting your vehicle can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to prevent the scratches, dings, and damage that often come from regular driving conditions. With the right products, you can protect your car’s exterior, whether you’re driving a high-end luxury model or a performance-based sports car in Newport Beach, California. Our team at Rodz Tint Shop specializes in the application of products from Ceramic Pro, a leading manufacturer of automotive protection options. Ceramic Pro Light is one such product that we apply, often in conjunction with the company’s flagship coating product.

Ceramic Pro Light in Newport Beach, California

Ceramic Pro Light is frequently used as a topcoat over the Ceramic Pro 9H product, which delivers a permanent ceramic protective coating on the outside of a vehicle. When applied, Ceramic Pro Light improves the hydrophobicity of the car’s exterior, which refers to how effectively it can repel water. Since moisture can cause etching and other damage to the paint job and windows, a coating of Ceramic Pro Light can reduce the effects by causing water to bead up and move away. Additionally, the properties of Ceramic Pro Light help to improve the shine and depth of the color on your car.

Vehicles that have an outer coating of this high-end product can resist oxidation and corrosion, show off a high-gloss finish, and resist the effects of the sun’s harsh UV rays and climate conditions. No matter what you drive, you’ll be glad you invested by having our team at Rodz Tint Shop apply a protective coating of Ceramic Pro Light.

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