Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper, Newport Beach, CA

Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper is a permanent coating that has a thermal resistance up to 1200°C.

Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper in Newport Beach, CaliforniaOne of the biggest annoyances to many vehicle owners is when brake dust and other contaminants make the wheels and calipers look less than appealing. You can put an end to that by including Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper treatment with your vehicle protection plan here at Rodz Tint Shop. This amazing product makes the surface of wheels and calipers so smooth that nothing has the chance to stick. It also makes the surface far easier to clean, and it looks great too! The high-gloss effect of its anti-graffiti, anti-fingerprint coating protects the wheels and calipers and saves you time and money dealing with the brake dust.

You should know that Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper is a permanent coating that has a thermal resistance up to 1200°C and affords UV resistance. It won’t yellow with age, so you’ll continue to enjoy its high-gloss finish for many years. Another thing to consider is that this product isn’t just ideal for your wheels and calipers. We can also apply it to exhaust systems and the undercarriage of your vehicle for superior protection from road grime.

We have over 30 years of experience in the automotive tinting industry, which has cemented our reputation for high-quality work. That carries over into our endless quest for perfection in the application of Ceramic Pro products so that you gain all the benefits that these protective coatings have to offer. Our main goal is to provide you with quality products and services with affordability in mind. Reach out to us today to learn more about Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper and other ways we can protect your vehicle so you can drive around Newport Beach, California with confidence.

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