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The high-quality paint protection film we use is a very effective product.

Regular driving can lead to exterior vehicle damage that can leave your car looking worn-out. Regular washing and waxing can help protect the paint job, but it’s not a foolproof method, as rocks and other flying debris can scratch the exterior and cause chips. Protect your investment by having the exterior covered with paint protection film, available at Rodz Tint Shop. We work with vehicle owners in and around Fountain Valley, California to apply this protective film, adding an extra layer of protection against rock chips and other damaging debris.

Paint Protection Film, Fountain Valley, California

The high-quality paint protection film we use is a very effective product. It comes from LLumar, a leading manufacturer of automotive protection products. This paint protection film utilizes HydroGard technology, creating advanced water resistance that makes the paint job more durable. Additionally, the product features a clear-coat finish that can self-heal any scratches that are beneath it, while resisting further scratches and paint chips. This material can also resist stains, providing enhanced protection against oil, bugs, dirt, and tar, which are commonly found on the roads.

Our technicians have the experience needed to apply paint protection film carefully, leaving behind a smooth surface that looks great. You can choose from three levels of protection, including partial frontal, full frontal, and full wrap. With paint protection film in place, you can prevent damage to your car’s exterior that makes it look less appealing, and help maintain its resale value. For more information about this beneficial product, contact us at Rodz Tint Shop.

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