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Give your vehicle the ultimate protection with windshield protection film.

In the past, you were limited on how much UV protection you could accomplish because of regulations against tinting the windshield. At Rodz Tint Shop, serving the Orange County, California area, we are happy to say those days are over with! Thanks to a revolutionary windshield protection film, you can get the protection you need without reducing visibility or going against regulations. We offer a windshield protection film that is virtually invisible, namely ClearPlex, by Madico. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience after we have installed this amazing windshield protection film:

Windshield Protection Film in Orange County, California

  • Rain and snow run off quicker- You might not even need to use your wiper blades during some weather conditions and still be able to have optimal visual capabilities.
  • Protection against UV rays- This film blocks 99% of UV rays to protect you, your passengers, and the interior of your vehicle.
  • Added protection during a crash- While windshields are designed to stay intact during an accident, windshield protection film makes your windshield even stronger in this regard.
  • Protection against minor hazards- Your windshield will be able to withstand minor hazards that might have caused pitting or a chip without the windshield protection film in place.
  • More affordable than windshield replacement- By adding more protection, you could avoid a costly replacement. If your vehicle is equipped with ADAS (crash avoidance system), windshield replacement can be quite expensive.

If you would like to know more about windshield protection film for your personal vehicle or your company’s fleet, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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