Commercial Frost Films, Huntington Beach, CA

Commercial frost films provide privacy without darkening the room.

At Rodz Tint Shop, we endeavor to have as many window tint solutions for our residential and commercial customers in Huntington Beach, California as possible. As part of that commitment, we offer commercial frost films as an option if you are looking to create privacy at your company. There are a multitude of ways to incorporate this style of film.

Commercial Frost Films in Huntington Beach, California

One way is to use it on exterior windows of areas where you don’t want anyone viewing your business operations, yet you don’t have a desire to look out either. It can be used for bathrooms for privacy, as well. Another option is to use it for offices with glass partitions that you want to have added privacy, such as a conference room or medical examination area. Commercial frost films can also be used decoratively to create an interesting focal point. You can also use them to block of the view of a less appealing area, such as a supply closet.

The nice thing about commercial frost films is that while they do afford privacy, they don’t darken the room, making them an ideal choice for offices you wish to retain the open feeling of. It is not uncommon for companies to swap wood walls for glass ones and then add commercial frost films for this purpose.

If you would like to know more about our commercial frost films, reach out to us to schedule a consultation. We are confident that our more than 30 years in the industry will provide you with the right solution for your needs and an end-result that more than satisfies.

Commercial Frost Films in Orange County, CA