The Many Uses for Window Tinting

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Artifacts have been found that indicate that glass has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syria, and other areas. The earliest challenges for making glass rather than using volcanic glass (obsidian) for crafting were being able to produce enough heat. Once that was mastered, glass became more popular, although mass production of window glass didn’t get its start until the early 1900s.

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Along with the availability of glass windows came sunnier buildings and being able to take advantage of great views, but it also meant an increase in sun-related challenges. To ease the problems with glare, heat, and the dangers of UV rays, window tinting was developed. There are a multitude of uses for window tinting that fall under three main categories – commercial, residential, and automotive uses.

  • Commercial Window Tinting– Some of the most amazing architectural wonders are buildings that appear to be made entirely from glass, but that can mean higher heating and cooling costs, lower productivity, lack of privacy, faded carpeting and upholstery, and other concerns. Window tinting using sun-control films, frost films, and clear UV films can have huge benefits. Window tinting is also popular inside buildings, such as using decorative films to elevate décor styles.
  • Residential Window Tinting– Captivating views always make a home more appealing and taking advantage of them with large picture windows, floor to ceiling windows, and other types of windows is common. With the various types of residential window tinting products on the market, you can protect your family from UV rays, control cooling costs, and protect your belongings and home from fading and damage.
  • Automotive Window Tinting– Staring into the rising sun on your way to work or the setting sun on your way home can be torture, as can getting into a super-heated car on a hot summer day. Controlling glare and heat are just two benefits of window tinting for your vehicle. Protection from UV rays is also important, both for the vehicle’s interior and those riding in the vehicle.

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