Things You Might Not Know about Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings

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The beauty of Ceramic Pro As you investigate various products on the market that are designed to protect your vehicle, you will undoubtedly come across information about Ceramic Pro products, as they are at the top of the list in popularity among automotive enthusiasts. In fact, there are many good things you might not yet have learned about this amazing line of vehicle protective coatings. Here are some things you might not know, but should!

  • Various Packages– Ceramic Pro understands that not everyone has the same budget or objectives when it comes to protecting their vehicle. That is why they offer lower tier packages that are ideal for leased vehicles and when you won’t own your vehicle for an extended period of time, as well as their gold package which has a lifetime warranty if you are a “drive till the wheels fall off” kind of person.
  • Adds Value– Anything you can do that increases resale value can prove helpful when it comes time to sell your current vehicle and get something new. Not only can it help to use the Ceramic Pro name as a selling point, but it is the only protective coating on the market that is approved and able to be registered on Car Fax®, which is a vehicle verification system that buyers of used vehicles use to learn about the history of a vehicle before purchasing it.
  • Keeps Paint Pristine– Have you ever been accused of washing your vehicle so much that you were going to wear off all the paint? The beauty of Ceramic Pro is that cleanups are easier than ever and you can even buff and polish to your heart’s content because you will never get beyond the exterior ceramic coat, leaving the paint in pristine condition.

If you would like to know more about Ceramic Pro, including what’s involved with the various packages, reach out to us at Rodz Tint Shop. Not only do we offer this exceptional product in vehicle protection, but we are well-qualified to install it with meticulous care. Call today to learn more.